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History and Future






In the late 1970s, the present playing field was acquired, providing the site for the planned village hall. 

The foundation stone was laid on 10 June 1984 and officially opened by the Queen Mother on 29 July 1985.

Solar panels and double glazing were installed at the beginning of 2014 made possible by grants from Sheringham Shoal and the Worstead Festival Charity.



In order to keep the hall open for the next 30 years and beyond – there is a lot of work that needs to be carried out.  


The hall needs repairs made to the fabric of the building, to ensure its continued structural integrity, plus improvements made to its insulation and heating to improve its environmental footprint and running costs.

It needs modernising and maintaining to make it a more enticing proposition to potential users. We believe that the hall is, and must be a very valuable community asset. 

Funding for the replacement of all lower windows and doors was secured and this work and has been carried out, improving the security and insulation of the building, as well as improving its aesthetics. 


Our top priorities now: upgrading various hall systems, improving the insulation of the building, replacing the heating system and replacing the upper windows and cladding. These projects need to be carried out to ensure the hall is able to stay open and to serve our community for another 30 years and more.

A selection of the Survey Results

Questionnaire Winners and results


A huge thank you to everyone who took the time and trouble to complete the questionnaire we sent out in the last edition of The Woven in October 2019 and posted on the website and Facebook page. We had a total of 67 responses and many useful comments.

Congratulations to the winners of the Prize Draw:

Martin Woods won the Jane Bond Pottery.

Krystal Spencer won the Bunns Farm voucher.

Laura Rose won the Waitrose voucher.

It’s clear that there is an appetite from the community for  getting involved in activities in the hall and care about it.

Those members of the committee who managed to get projects to this stage have now taken the difficult step of stepping down from their village hall commitments. Personal work, family and health issue have to be the first priority having spent months and sometimes years volunteering to keep the hall running.

There is a pressing need for fresh input and enthusiastic people to grab the batten and implement the ideas that have been put forward in the survey.

Village Hall Bar  – Community Hub.

92% of you said that if the bar was spruced up you would use it for Community events.

QEHW already runs a successful Cinema club, run by Committee member Paul Hemstock, which has a good regular attendance.

We hope to make the bar area into a more welcoming, updated space.

Can you step forward and volunteer to co-ordinate decorating and/or writing out simple applications for small funding projects?



then we can make a list of those willing to chip in.

There is an Annual General Meeting on the 27th April – there needs to be an influx of villagers who can help, organise and spread the workload to create a better, welcoming and pleasurable village hall.


Queen Elizabeth Hall

Ruin Road


NR28 9WH 

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